Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Making the Most of the Holidays With Social Media~Part 1 Thanksgiving

I have never been one for surprise parties. One reason is I like to know what to expect, but the other reason is because I feel "robbed" of the process. The planning part of any occasion is honestly my favorite part. Deciding on every detail, searching what's out there, and watching it all come together.So this holiday season, I am going to utilize social media to give a boost to the process.

For Thanksgiving, I am going to record the planning, decorating, preparing, and moments of the day with Instagram and Pinterest. My favorite combination. Then share those pins through Facebook with friends and family. Why am I doing this? Because not only is social media a great way to connect and share with others, it enhances life experiences.

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time and are having a small family get together. So I created a board on Pinterest to hold all the things I came across that I might use for Thanksgiving such as cocktails, side dishes, decorations, and so on. It has been a way to organize my thoughts and choose things with no real commitment to practicality. Pinterest has also been a great resource for finding food and drinks related to Thanksgiving. When I feel inspired, I add more to the board. I love looking at all the images and considering all the options in a visual way.

Today when we start preparing for Thursday, I will start Instagraming and Pinning the preparations. My son and I will be working on Thanksgiving crafts and preparing the table. Thursday will be photos of the food, table, and guests enjoying the day. These will be shared through out the day. Documenting the events and details of the day actually helps me appreciate everything more. I think about how everything looks and feels and I stop and enjoy the moment. It also extends the holiday for me. Instead of being a one day, quick meal that goes by in a flash, it is now a series of memories recorded for me to enjoy as long as I like.

Even if planning and analyzing details is not your thing, social media can still elevate your holiday experience. I believe it makes people enjoy the holidays more than ever before. We know what are friends and family are doing and are given the opportunity to share special events and connect with people on a deeper level.

Happy Thanksgiving!