Friday, November 16, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the question I answered.

To blog or not to blog? That is the question I answered.

I have never been one to enjoy journaling or sharing my private thoughts. When I think of future employers reading my blog, a blog seems like a huge mistake; a minefield really! However any blog that is really interesting to read, or any story at all for that matter, is either one that is genuine or one that has something original to say. I have been going over that in my mind since I started this blog which was because of a social media class assignment. Today I decided on what to write about that maybe only a handful of people might ever find helpful. It is what I want to read about. How do I really make a career in programming a reality?

The students at MATC, myself included, are taking classes with the promise that we can get jobs as programmers. Every year, it is one of those jobs that is in such high demand and the pay is very decent. I feel so lucky that I love it like I do. However, there is a gap there. There is a hurdle. It is not as easy as you take these classes and you are ready for the career. I believe that others feel the same way. What do we need to know? What else can we do to learn and prepare for the job market? That is the quest I am on and am searching for answers.

So, there. That is my blog. Thoughts and questions that a new programming student might have and hopefully some answers. A place to share frustrations so that others know they are not alone. And, most importantly, a documentation of a journey in securing a job as a programmer.